Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How To Reduce Your Expenses by Buying Rechargeable Flashlights

by Paul Duxbury

A great addition to any toolbox or kitchen drawer is a rechargeable Flashlight because it eliminates the problem of never having any replacement batteries when you need them!

There are various types of rechargeable flashlight available and it's worth considering what you want to use them for before going ahead and purchasing one. Sets including a rechargeable battery pack are readily available and include all types from the small hand held types, the heavy duty ones with handles, helmet lamps and angled lamps. These are great for heavy usage as it saves a packet on replacing batteries regularly. Some also allow for using ordinary batteries in an emergency, if you can't wait for or can't get to charge your rechargeable flashlight.

One of the other types of rechargeable flashlight available is those which do not use a battery and which can be manually charged. This manual charging is normally by shaking, squeezing or winding the flashlight. Most of these types take anything up to 90 seconds to charge and can provide up to around 45 minutes of light on each charge.

Generally the way you charge this type of flashlight is to shake it up and down for several seconds, or by squeezing a trigger a few times, or even by winding a handle. It's that simple that you can quite literally do it in the dark. This type of flashlight is ideal for having immediately at hand in case of emergencies such as blackouts, since charging them takes just a matter of seconds. Not having to leave them charging at the mains, or leaving batteries to leak inside means they are always readily available as long as you remember where you put it should the power suddenly go out of course!

In the medium to longer term rechargeable flashlights are extremely cost effective. In addition to never needing replacement batteries, most will run off LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs, and have a far greater lifespan. The LED bulb is highly durable and will last for anything up to 10,000 hours or more. Inevitably, this does makes the LED bulb slightly more expensive, however you can almost guarantee dropping it won't break it, and because they do not produce heat, they don't burn out.

Rechargeable flashlights are available to purchase from many hardware stores and literally thousands are listed online.

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